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"Re-living The Wright Way"

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Get It Wright -- Podcasts
A series of short videos have been produced by the NASA Glenn Digital Learning Network featuring "Orville and Wibur Wright". The brothers discuss many of the scientific topics that lead to the invention of the modern airplane. You can view the videos on-line, or download them to your computer or Podcast player for repeated viewing.
Photo of Wilbur and Orville Wright talking in their shop.
NASA Explorer Schools
Participants of NASA Explorer Schools Project 2003 have prepared presentations comparing the exploration process of the Wright brothers with NASA's exploration of Mars.
Wright Brothers Archives
Here are some presentations used by Tom Benson and Roger Storm from NASA Glenn Research Center in their portrayals of Wilbur and Orville Wright.
  • Wright Brothers at Huffman Prairie A Power Point presentation prepared for the general public in October 05 describing the activities of the Wright brothers at Huffman Prairie from 1904 to 1905.
  • Wright Brothers' Invention Talk A Power Point presentation prepared for the general public in Winter 02 describing the invention process of the Wright brothers from 1899 to 1905.
  • Wright Brothers' Talk A shorter version of the Power Point presentation describing the invention process of the Wright brothers from 1899 to 1905. Contains only photgraphs taken by the brothers.
  • Out of Control Talk A Power Point presentation prepared for students on 7 Apr 03 describing flight control and how flight control has evolved from the Wright brothers until today.
  • Wright 1903 Engine Talk A Power Point presentation prepared for students on 10 Apr 03 describing the operation of the Wright brothers' 1903 gasoline-powered, internal combustion engine.
  • Three Power Point Presentations given at Wright State University, October 5, 2011, as part of Wright Brothers Day. Part 1. Background and Failures, Part 2. Success, and Part 3. Airplane Business.
  • Wright Brothers Invention Talk A Power Point presentation prepared for the general public in Spring 2012 describing the invention of the airplane, the European Tour, and the Fort Myers Trials.
Program Description URL Grade
Control Surfaces The Wrights' early innovations helped lead to the development of the modern control systems of today using rudders, ailerons, and elevators. This webcast will examine the principles of aerodynamics, and how they can be harnessed to control an airplane in flight. The Wright Brothers' solutions to flight control will be compared and contrasted with modern day control surfaces. This one-hour, fully-interactive webcast will pair NASA aeronautical engineers with students from across the country. It will feature Wilbur Wright's explanations of flight control, and video demonstrations with remote control aircraft and the Air Force Thunderbirds. 6-8
Destination Tomorrow Destination Tomorrow is a news magazine format television program aimed at adult lifelong learners. This program reports on NASA aeronautical research projects that impact our daily lives, provides historical background on NASA's contributions to the century of flight, and promotes science literacy by illustrating scientific principles related to aerospace technology. K-16
Flight Testing Newton's Laws This workbook, video and CD-ROM use NASA video clips and other illustrations to explain the principles behind Newton's laws of motion. 9-12
NASA Connect NASA Connect is an award winning series of instructional television programs that are proven to capture the imagination of elementary and middle school students. This program establishes connections between NASA research and math, science, aeronautics, and technology content taught in the classroom. 5-8
NASA Quest's Women of NASA The Women of NASA is intended for young women to pursue careers in math and science. The materials provide profiles of successful women, and the opportunity to participate in interactive events. K-16
The NASA Science Files The Science Files are an educational television program designed to enhance and enrich the teaching of math and science in '3-5. This program deals with numerous topics related to aviation, aerospace, science, technology, and math. 3-5

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